About us


Românul is a not for profit corporation, that was formed by a group of Romanian Americans as a means to bring together the Romanian community from Connecticut and the North-Eastern US. Our purpose is to consolidate the economic and spiritual potential of the Romanian community and in doing so, to help integrate its members into the American society.
Românul came about also from the need of having Romanians better represented in relation to governmental organizations, the media, and other American organizations. It is also important to strengthen relationships between community members, by initiating various activities and events, through mutual help, and by making sure that issues regarding the community are dealt with before they would lead to discord.
Last but not least, Românul exists as an expression of the responsibility of the Romanian community toward its cultural and spiritual heritage and national values. Românul strives to provide the tools and methods to help the Romanian community assimilate into the American society, to add its immense cultural and spiritual wealth garnered throughout history, that will only enrich the community members' American experience. The assimilation into the American society can be done without forgetting one's origins.
Românul will offer its members adequate informational support, will keep the community members up to date about its activities through accurate scheduling, it will answer to all requests and will follow the recommendations and motions meant to consolidate our place and our common role in the American experience.
We welcome anyone who want to add their passion and dynamism to our cause!

Thank you,
Românul's Board of Directors