Mission and objectives


Mission and purpose:

Românul Corp. is a not for profit corporation that strives to support the Romanian community from the North-Eastern U.S. as it integrates into the American society, while at the same time helping preserve the Romanian community's cultural, spiritual and national values.

Main objectives:

- To facilitate the economical and social integration into the American society of newly-arrived Romanian immigrants;
- To promote the social integration into the American society of all members of the Romanian community;
- To organize training sessions, seminaries, workshops, information resources, as well as social and cultural activities;
- To cooperate with local authorities in promoting the community's interests;
- To stimulate partnerships with other American organizations and communities;
- To promote the Romanian community's social and economical development;
- To encourage dialogue among community members, and to actively offer support for its professionals, artists, cultural events;
- To initiate and implement the community's projects, recreational activities, social activities, and language classes;
- To promote Romanian music, folklore and arts;
- To support projects that target the development and integration of specialized groups, such as women, youth, children, or business people;
- To implement and analyze results of specific research activities, surveys, that would reveal issues the community members are confronting;
- To organize charitable activities.